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Case Study/Mission Statement

As the Parish Family of St. Jane de Chantal celebrates the 60th Jubilee of the founding of our Parish and the 50th Jubilee of the dedication of our Church, we are grateful for the many blessings on our faith community over these past fundamental years.  To secure our future, we now sound the trumpet to begin the Campaign, “To Teach Who Christ Is” in partnership with the Archdiocese of Chicago.

Continuing our commitment to Christ and each other, we ensure the future and strengthen of our Parish Family with this Archdiocesan Campaign to enhance and broaden access to Catholic School education and shape a deeper spiritual life in our Parish.

As a Christian community that desires to pass our catholic faith onto our children, we need to live in the present and plan for the future.  With this in mind, we would like to present the following needs that will continue enhance Parish Life:


Update Our New Boiler

Update Our New Boiler

-Boilers for both the Church and Ward Hall  – 

Update:  The new boilers are installed!

The boilers that provide heat in the church and Ward Hall are old and not efficient. Each boiler has been in service for 50 years and replacement parts are difficult, if not impossible, to find. Recent repairs have extended their use, but the boilers will fail in the very near future. We need to be proactive. Estimated Replacement Cost: $80,000



Sound System for Church  –

Update: The Updated Sounds system is installed!

 Part of the sound system in the church was installed when the church was built. That was 50 years ago. At the time, the sound system was “state of the art”- the best available at the time. Today, the sound system is outdated. It has been updated over the years but most parts are now obsolete. It can no longer be serviced. Estimated Replacement Cost: $30,000

-Update/Replace Climate Control System at School  –

Update: Climate Control System has been updated & installed!

Over 20 years ago, St. Jane de Chantal School was sound-proofed and computerized heating and air conditioning system was installed.
Over time, as with all things computer related, the system has become obsolete and must be updated to ensure a comfortable learning environment for our students. Estimated Replacement Cost: $70,000


Update: The Construction of the Handicap Washroom/Bridal room is now complete in the Church. We now have a total of three washrooms.

Handicap Accessibility (including washrooms) at Church and School

In the Church: The two washrooms in the church are small. So small that a wheelchair can not fit through the doors.  To make the church accessible for all, a new washroom will be fitted utilizing the Sunday office.

The Church washroom is the last project to be completed under the To Teach Who Christ Is Campaign.  The rest of the projects can not be completed because of lack of funds through the Campaign.

In the School: The 1st floor washroom will be converted for accessibility.

Estimated Cost: $35,000

 -Repair Structure of Ward Hall



-Replace parking lot between Church and School

Over time, the parking lot asphalt pavement and cement curbs have deteriorated.  Safety concerns make the rebuilding of the parking lot between the church and school necessary. Estimated Replacement Cost: $90,000

 -Clean/Repair Floors, Window and Kneelers in Church

As our Parish Family has responded in every age and time of need, let every parishioner strengthen pride in our Parish, taking renewed ownership by making a commitment “To Teach Who Christ Is” and support these needed project.


The Great Campaign is in process, we have reached 80% of our goal. Have you pledged yet? Help your parish finish the goal, we need the last 20% if that is you!


Chart 6-1-2014

TTWCI Monthly Results11-31-14



 TTWCI Monthly Results 6-31-15


                                            TTWCI March 2016 Results

A pledge can be made anytime. You may find the below pledge card at the back of the church or at the Rectory. 



Almighty and ever-loving God,
Your Son is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

As his disciples, we follow his way, believe his truth,
and live his life.

Heavenly Father,
raise up a new generation of disciples, with fervor and eagerness to teach and proclaim Jesus Christ, risen from the dead the One who tells us who we are, shows us how to love, and assures our salvation.

Bless this Archdiocesan Campaign “To Teach Who Christ Is.”

Lord God,
may donors discover in themselves your gift of a generous and sacrificial spirit that flows from a love for the Church and supports her mission to teach who Christ is.

May the pattern of holiness,
the Virgin Mary, Christ’s mother and ours,
open our hearts anew with the desire for your will to be done,
through Jesus Christ, your Son and Our Lord.


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